What about offering holidays in Crete
to a member of your family, a friend, a collegue ...

A family member is soon celebrating his birthday,


Your children are getting married,


Your best friend, your parents are celebrating their golden wedding anniversary,


Your favorite colleague is soon retiring,


Valentine's Day is just around the corner,


You want to offer an original Christmas gift ...

You can offer :

A V.I.P stay

a la    carte

with a driver

Let's prepare together the stay you want to offer.

Set the duration,

the benefits,

the options.

A subscription  to

a   V.I.P group

( 8 people    maximum)

Discover our group stays proposed in 2019/20

and choose the one you want to offer.

A gift such as this one has to be prepared.

We need at least 3 months to coordinate everything, gather the right people and make the right proposals.


You want to pay the stay in several times,


you are several to participate in this gift :


Use the pot CRETE, LAND OF ORIGINS ...

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Crète, Terre d'Origines