Universal energy and life force

In Japanese, Rei means universal and integrates:


- the material,

- the soul

- the mind.


Ki (or Qi) refers to the vital energy that flows in us.


Reiki is the bringing into or bringing together of "universal energy" and our own "life force" in order to awaken a dynamic process.


The practitioner intervenes on the vibratory field of the person and the energy acts on the physical, emotional and mental planes. This technique is transmitted by initiation, practiced by a Reiki Master teacher. Reiki is nevertheless stripped of any religious tie.


In a Reiki session, the practitioner channels the universal energy and transmits it by imposing his hands on different parts of the subject's body (with or without contact).

Since my earliest childhood I was attracted by everything that touches magic, feeling, touch, ... Become an adult, I then experimented and practiced various techniques of care, personal development and received different lessons.

Assidue to conferences on these different topics and practices, a spring evening 1997 I arrived "by chance" in a conference on Reiki without knowing that this discovery would change the course of my life ... This is how initiations in experiments I became a Reiki Master in 1999, letting myself be carried and not having programmed it.

I transmit this discipline with rigor and good mood since 2006, year of birth of the association Reiki Fairies of which I am the founder and president.

Because it seems essential to me to sweep in front of my door before pretending to teach others how to do it, more than thirty years ago that I continue a work on me, helped over the events and / or meetings, by different techniques and / or people, therapists, ...

Archmage, energy care practitioner, I also animate guided meditations. Above all, I have the great pleasure of offering cartomancy consultations and channeling communications.

Hope to meet you !


September 28th to October 8th, 2018


animated by the fairy "NONY"

11 days / 10 nights

                                                                             1360 € / People

                                                                    on 8 participants basis (minimum)

                                                                             9 participants : 1340 € /person

                                                                         10 participants : 1315 €/person

                                                                         11 participants : 1290 €/person

                                                                              12 participants (maximum) : 1265 €/person

including: coordination and organization of the stay, reception at the airport, transfer airport / hotel / airport, accommodation in double room, breakfast, diners drinks included (1/4 wine + water) , transportation on the island, the driver, the French-speaking guide when necessary.

This price does not include: air transportation, lunches, site visits, optional activities, personal expenses, gratuities, drinks of convenience (tea, coffee, aperitif ...).

workshop animated by  Fair NONY : 200 € / Person/Stay(on arrival).

Why practice Reiki?

Reduce stress and anxiety,

Improve sleep,

Promote concentration,

Reduce pain ...

the program
inscription and payment

The place of residence: a superb resort facing the sea of Libya ... A special atmosphere. This place is the place where Ulysses was held by Kalypso ... who prevented him from returning to his home in Ithaca.

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